Surgery of the ear (otoplasty)

Ear surgery is a procedure performed to correct ears that stick out too much from the head. This procedure will set the protruding ears back. It can be done in any age. It is frequently done in children of school age as soon as they realize that they are subject to teasing by other kids. The procedure corrects the condition entirely.

The procedure

Incision is made on the back side of the ear to remove skin and expose the cartilage. The cartilage is then modeled to improve the shape of it. Suture is then used to fold the cartilage and thus to achieve the correct angle of the ear. The operation can be done under local or general anesthesia, depending on patient's preference. The entire procedure on both sides takes usually about an hour.


After the surgery, ears are covered with a dressing for about ten days. They are not too sensitive and therefore pain after the surgery is quite minimal. The operation is usually performed as outpatient; however, you can stay at the clinic overnight if you wish so.

The result is remarkable and immediately visible. Protruding ears no longer create a problem. The effect lasts for the rest of life. Scars are well hidden in the back of the ears.

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