Lip enhancement

Lips define a person’s smile. When lips are thinned due to age or genetics, one may lose self-confidence. There are three options to enhance lips – by surgery, by injecting own fat, or by injecting a filler.

The procedure

Younger fuller lips result from removing excess upper white portion of lip and rolling the lip upward along with reshaping the double-curved segment.

In case of enhancement by fillers, either own fat taken usually from the hips or artificial filler such as Restylane is injected to increase the volume of the lip.


Recovery is very quick after the surgical enlargement. Lips heal quickly and usually without problems. For a few days, some swelling may occur. In case of enhancement by injection, there is no recovery period.
Results are immediately visible; the lips are larger, more voluminous. The effect of surgical enlargement lasts for years, while the effect of enhancement by fillers lasts only for 4-6 months.

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