Enhancement of the labia majora and the volume of the mount of venus

Some women, especially after slimming, experience a reduction in the size of the Labia Majora, which no longer cover the small labia.

It is possible to increase the volume using a targeted injection of fat taken from another part of the patient's body – belly, hips, and other locations. Sometimes it is also possible to use a filler product made of natural cell and tissue components that, after injection, forms a tissue that is soft and comparable to normal skin tissue.

The procedure

Fat tissue taken from other body areas is filtered and injected, according to a specific pattern, into the labia majora. The result lasts for a limited time and the procedure can be repeated several times.


Recovery takes 2 weeks during which the patient must not sit on the treated area. Personal hygiene is also very important. The procedure usually delivers the desired result.

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