Elongation of the penis

Increasing self-esteem, eliminating problems in the intimate area and eliminating frustration, we offer men a surgical intervention lengthening the penis. Each male can undergo the procedure, regardless of the actual length of the penis. The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia.  The penis is actually a living spongy body, so it can not be cut or set in any way. If this occurs, the damaged tissue will scar and penis may bend in this place during erection..

The procedure

The only possibility of extension is to release the part attached to the pubic bone. In the surgery, an incision is lead in the inverted V-shape in the hairy part above the root of the penis. Upon penetration into the deep parts, a ligament is interrupted or cut, which fixes the beginning of the penis body to the pubic bone. This results in loosening, which leads to a penis extension of 1-3 centimetres, which is individual, according to the length of the fixing ligament and cannot be determined in advance.  The procedure has no effect on potency, and sexual intercourse is possible after healinga.


The post-operative course is mostly calm and the client leaves for home on the second day after the surgery, after removal of the suction drain. They come back for a check-up and to have the stitches removed, where they are also advised about post-operative scar care. A resting regimen is necessary for 14 days after the procedure, with poultices to the root of the penis. Common sports are possible after about a month; swimming is not allowed for at least 2 months; sexual life can be continued after about 4-6 weeks.

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