Breast implant revision

Breast implant surgery can sometimes produce unsatisfactory results. Wrinkles or a positional shift of the implant, or capsular contraction may occur. This contraction is a result of collagen fiber formation around the implant. It is a reaction of the body to the presence of the implant and cannot be predicted or prevented. It occurs, however, only in small percentage of individuals. A corrective surgery is required.

The procedure

Depending on the technique used in the original augmentation, incision is made either in the armpit, underneath the breast, or around the lower border of the areola. Working through the incision, the surgeon will access the implant, reposition it or remove it depending on the underlying cause of the problem, adjust the surrounding tissue as necessary and put back the original or a new implant. After inserting the implants, incisions are closed. The operation is done under general anesthesia and takes 1-2 hours.


A soft compressive dressing will be placed around your chest after the surgery. The dressing will be removed after two or three days. Swelling subsides typically in 7 days. You should avoid exercise that may have adverse impact for four weeks. The surgeon will advise you when you can resume normal activities. Overnight stay at the clinic following the surgery is highly recommended.

The result is immediately visible. The underlying problem is gone and properly placed implants deliver the desired effect.

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